Following eight preliminary surveys over various rock shelters in Kalimantan (Borneo, Indonesia) which have provided a large amount of important new archaeological insight, our aim is now to further explore and understand human settlement processes through Southeast Asia.

The project envisages the organisation of a pluridisciplinary endeavour, combining speleological and geological studies of these unexplored limestone outcrops, coupled with paleoecological investigations, in order to integrate the archaeological discoveries within their contemporary context.

One of the main purposes will be to check the complete typology of the paintings, correlated with their location, using 3D video, computer systems and stereoscopic pictures.

The latest results (May 1999) indicate that more rock-shelter with prehistorical paintings could be discovered in the very remote and almost inaccessible karst of Gunung Marang and would increase significantly the knowledge of that prehistoric art, unknown before our explorations.

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