The project is lead by Jean-Michel Chazine, ethno-archaeologist, and Luc-Henri Fage, speleologist, in cooperation with our Indonesian partnership, Pindi Setiawan.
Some co-workers are scientist : Fabien Hobléa, karstologist, Martin Heller, senior researcher in geographical data analysis at the University of Zurich.
A large team of cavers would join us during the main mission at summer 2001.

Luc-Henri Fage

42 years old. Logistic project manager. Manager of the Éditions Spéléo, and director of "Spéléo Magazine", the only independent French magazine dedicated to cave exploration. Free-lance photographer, journalist, writer and graphic designer (books, web sites, magazines, advertising, catalogues). Film-maker specialised in exploration documentaries throughout the world. Manager of "Spéléovision", the Festival International du Film de Spéléologie de La Chapelle-en-Vercors.
Cave exploration in 1976 in France, and, since1983, have continued it all over the world (Algeria, Papua New Guinea, Borneo, Guatemala and Patagonia…)
Author of "Spéléo sportive dans les Monts du Vaucluse". From 1983, participant (and sometimes team-leader) of many French expeditions throughout the world (caving, rafting, trekking, etc). Have &endash; from 1988 up to now &endash; undertaken ten expeditions in Kalimantan.
From 1985: cameraman and director of 2 half-hour and 6 one-hour film documentaries, broadcast by French and international television (Canal+, TF1, France 3, National Geographic). Many awards. Co-author of "La Mémoire des Brumes", a book which tells the long crossing, by foot, of Indonesian New Guinea.
Professional address : Editions Spéléo, BP114, 20 rue de l'Amphithéâtre, 84404 Apt-en-Provence, France, tél. 33 (0)4 90 04 75 16 - fax 33 (0)4 90 04 75 28.

Jean-Michel CHAZINE

Ethno-archaeologist, 58 years old, CNRS (CREDO, Maison Asie-Pacifique, Marseille, France). Scientific project manager.
Indo-pacifique studies researcher. Former head of archaeology department in French Polynesia (1979-82). Since 1992, co-work with Luc-Henri Fage for all the Borneo projects expeditions. Since 1994 project manager for Palawan ethno-archaeological project linked with National Museum in Manilla. Cf. curriculum vitae enclosed.
Personnal address: La Brémonde, 84480 Buoux, tél/fax 33(0)4 90 74 44 66, e-mail


Citizenship: Indonesian, 32 years old, lecturer assistant at ITB (Institute of Technology of Bandung, Indonesia), visual art and language.
PH. D. studiant of anthropology and visual art, at UI (University of Indonesia).
Since 1993, he started a personnal programm of collecting data upon visual art in Sulawesi, Irian Jaya, Molucquas, extented to Philipinas, developping a new technic of recording and computering rock art figures.
He has been working yearly with us in Kalimantan since 1995.
He is also mountain climber, caver, rafting and jungle expert!
Office address: Pancoran Indah III, n° 11, Jakarta Selatan 12780, tel. 62 21 799 01 72.

Fabien Hobléa

Karstologist, professor of geography at Université de Savoie.
PhD in Geography, caver, expedition in Papua New Guinea 1995, Patagonia 2000.


Caver. Research Associate, Lecturer , Department of Geography, University of Zürich, Winterthurerstrasse 190, CH-8052 Zürich, Switzerland, tel: 0041 1 635 52 56 - fax: 0041 1 635 68 48.
He is the author of "Toporobot", a cave surveying freeware, used by many speleologist throughout the world.
Home page :
Personnal address :
Buhn Strasse 8, CH-8052 Zurich, Suisse. Tel. 41 1 302 31 39

 The team of the speleologists

The team of the speleologists will associate old friends, partners of caving expeditions in Algeria, Patagonia or Papua Guinea.
The number of participants as well as their requirements are not yet fixed. But we can already count on the following highly qualified people: Jean-François Pernette, Richard Maire, Bernard Lips, Josette Lips, Georges Robert and Jacques Durand, a medical doctor, member of the SSF (French caving rescue team).

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